About Us

A Little Bit About Peace Girl Sports

Peace Girl Sports started out with one little stick figure runner first drawn on a sketchpad that was intended as a decal for RunnerDecals.com. I felt she needed a name. Many names were mentioned, but nothing seemed to fit. The ponytailed running girl with the tied bandana became known as the “Peace Girl.”  Soon after the Running Peace Girl emerged, I had requests for a biker, swimmer, triathlon, walker, and paddler, and the list continues to grow. The Peace Girl has taken on a life of her own, so I felt it was fitting to allow her to grow in a new direction, hence the new name: Peace Girl Sports! She is always up for a new adventure.
The vision for this website is not only to have decals but also to give inspiration to the “Peace Girl” in all of us…the runner, biker, paddler, or whatever Peace Girl voice inside us says, "You can do this, you got this one." I love hearing customers’ stories of what the Peace Girl symbolizes for them. For some, it is an inspiration to keep going, and, for others, it is recognition of past accomplishments. My hope is that these stories can be shared and will offer encouragement to others to reach for their goals.
Some of you may ask, “What about the Sweaty Dude?” I haven’t forgotten about her running partner. The Sweaty Dude and her dog will continue to be by her side.
Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by. I hope you continue to drop in to see the evolution of Peace Girl Sports!

Susan Weber

(928) 719-0888